At Stedfast, our mechanics proudly offer a range of services.
From general scheduled servicing, to full classic car restorations.

We are passionate about providing quality servicing and repairs accross the automotive range, and our mechanics specialise in:

General Servicing & Repairs

Cars will be cars, they need regular maintenance to keep them running at their best, and continuing to provide safe, efficient transport. Stedfast provides reliable servicing and decades of experience in assessing cars for safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Auto Electrical

Stedfast mechanics are competant in Auto Electrical service.

Road Worthys

When buying a second hand car, you want to ensure its up to the job, and when selling a second hand car, you want quality repairs at an affordable price without having to pay for things that didn't really need to be done. Stedfast is the place to go for all your road worthy needs

Engine Reconditioning

The team at Stedfast are highly skilled at reconitioning and rebuilding engines. so if your engine is sounding a bit odd, smelling a bit wierd, or not producing the power you're after, come and talk to the guys at Stedfast

Classic car restoration

while daily drivers, and the family commuter is our bread and butter, our passion is cars.

At Stedfast Automotive, we'd love to work on your classic or exotic

see classic or exotic

Services and Repairs.
Engine Reconditioning.
Vehicle Restorations.
Road Worthys.
Auto Electrical

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